How we will generate
$50 000+ in 3 months or less GUARANTEED

Client 1

The results that you see above are from an e-commerce client that has been with us for over a year and a half now. They had never utilized paid digital advertising prior to joining Titan Agency and were a little skeptical. After our initial analysis and research, we established it would be best to start off with Facebook ads and email marketing. Later on, we implemented Google ads, which also proved to be very profitable, and are now working towards increasing the budget and adding TikTok and Pinterest ads.


With a fresh ad account that had no data whatsoever, we built a funnel that was bringing in 10X return on ad spend within 9 months of working together.


Email marketing was something they had already tested out a little but lacked some key flows and there was no structure. Their total revenue from Klaviyo was sitting in at 10%, but after us taking over it came to 36% which is about as good as it gets when it comes to email marketing!


Having achieved great success with Facebook and Klaviyo, we were ready to explore other streams of revenue and decided that the next logical step surely is Google ads. Regardless of being a more expensive platform to advertise we were still able to achieve amazing results.

Client 2

With this e-commerce client, we didn’t have to start from scratch. They had done paid advertising before but didn’t achieve the results that they desired. After evaluating the data that they had we determined that their website could be a little further optimized. With a few tweaks, we managed to bring the conversion rate of the website to nearly 2%. Then once we built an appropriate funnel and brought in quality traffic results started firing. We are currently running Facebook ads and email marketing and looking to scale and plug in Google ads.


We built a three-part funnel that was bringing in new customers and retargeting people that have expressed interest already. This simple method does wonders with the right targeting and a perfectly optimized website. We were able to achieve over 7x return on ad spend in the second month! 


As for the email marketing, before we took over they were barely getting 10% of their revenue from Klaviyo. Once we identified the bottleneck in their email marketing strategy we managed to more than double that and get to 24% of their revenue from Klaviyo!

Client 3

Another e-commerce client that joined us in 2021! Prior to working with us, they were sitting in at around 3 ROAS from the Facebook ads and about 15-20% of their revenue from Klaviyo. Initially, we approached them with the idea of TikTok, Pinterest, and Googled ads. However, after identifying some holes in their current marketing strategies we set out to improve the Facebook ads and Email marketing first. Within two months we managed to bring their Facebook ROAS to over 5 times and the Klaviyo revenue to the incredible 43% of their total revenue 


We managed to improve the overall structure of the funnel and optimize their retargeting campaigns much better. That combined with some tweaks to the ad copy and the creatives the results started improving by the day! 


They were initially quite happy with the around 20% of revenue coming from Klaviyo, but we knew it could do better considering they were missing some flows. We also made a few cosmetic changes to their existing sequences and soon we were hitting 40% and even more!

Client 4

This is a huge brand that we approached at the end of 2020, having seen that they are not pushing on their Facebook ads as much. After some initial back and forth we found out that they were getting great results over Google and Klaviyo, but struggled to scale the social media ads.


With a ton of data in their ad account and an intricate analysis of their competitors, we developed a strategy that would allow us to scale the budget without losing ROAS. Then with a few changes to the website and the creatives, we managed to bring the ROAS up.